4637 Grind Gang are TRUE LEGENDS

4637 Grind Gang are TRUE LEGENDS

4637 Grind Gang are TRUE LEGENDS

Hard Time Grind

It’s been a HARD TIME GRIND for 4637 Grind Gang. What do you get after years of grinding and pumping out classic rhymes? You should get the proper recognition that you deserve.

Underground Hip Hop

4637 Grind Gang deserves every bit of recognition for their musical accomplishments and longevity. Since 1999, 4637 Grind Gang have been influencing artists and are true underground legends. Hailing from Detroit, 4637 Grind Gang are a 6 piece hip hop group and the members are Luey Hussein, Frankie Isis, Chiino BinLaden, D.W.N. Jay, Allstar Tae and DiDi Winnin.

Hip Hop Influences

Some of their influences consist of Big Sean, Eminem, Slaughter House, T.I., Jeezy, Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne.

The Future of Hip Hop

If you were to ask them where they see themselves in the next year then they would say, “We are reaching to become the biggest stars in History of the Music Industry.”

Deep End

One of my favorite 4637 Grind Gang tracks is called “Deep End”. All of the members in 4637 Grind Gang compliment each other very well. This song takes you on a journey and actually gives you a wake up call. Life is a hustle and without struggle, you cannot accomplish great things. 4637 Grind Gang have been going hard and deserve the proper recognition for it. Stay loyal to the game and the game will reward you!


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