Are you Ready for Banna

Are you Ready for Banna

Are you Ready for Banna

Are you Ready for Banna? Banna is making waves with his newest song called “Ready”. The beat is a laid back song with almost an island feel. “Time is of the essence” and Banna is ready to reap all of his blessings after all of his hard work and determination.

The music is well-produced and Banna’s vocals are rugged and unique. Reminiscent of an old hip hop song, “Ready” is a fresh track that makes you feel grateful for your blessings in life.

“Ready” is fun but also self aware. Banna is no newcomer to music. You can tell he has studied the game and he is on a path of success.

Who is Banna

Banna is from the Middle East. Born in 1998, he has been making music since he was 10. His musical influences are Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Drake, Future, Biggie, and 2 pac.

It is very apparent that Banna is influenced by old-school hip hop artists because he inserts that feelings into his music. Honestly, it’s refreshing to hear an artist like Banna who allows those influences to seep into his sound.

Banna’s project is just him and his sound engineer which is impressive that only 2 people are making music this good.

As an underground artist, Banna is sure to make waves with his creative sound.

Already, Banna is making a name for himself in the music industry and we can’t wait to see what comes next from this talented young artist.


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