Banna – LOCKED IN Freestyle

Banna – LOCKED IN Freestyle

Banna’s “Locked In Freestyle” mixes soul and hip-hop. The smooth flow of Banna’s voice mixes beautifully with the harmonious and sweet sounds of “Locked In Freestyle”. Honesty is Banna’s signature behind a calming funky beat. Flooding us with music and catching puddles, you cannot deny that Banna is Godsend.

We need more artists with Banna’s relentless flow. Reminiscent of early Eminem, Banna is bringing old-school hip-hop back to life. No need for flashiness, materialism, or auto-tune, Banna is the real deal in delivering a powerful and timeless message of truth.

Earnest and humble, Banna delivers punchline after punchline. He makes it painfully clear that he is self-made and he doesn’t need to brag about designer products. Take it for what it is, Banna gives us a clear vision of what he wants rap to sound like in 2023 and beyond.

Don’t listen to the haters and stay positive like Banna. We need more music that has an honest and positive message. Old-school hip-hop lovers will find great comfort in this wicked and catchy new-age classic.

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