Basement on Fire

Basement on Fire

Basement on Fire

What do you get when Goldeneye meets trap music? BASEMENT ON FIRE!

Kodak Black is Whack

Kodak Black is not very talented. Let’s be brutally honest about Kodak Black, and say, he kind of sucks. His flow is all over the place and his rhythm is usually off. Have you ever seen Kodak Black perform? It’s bad. He cannot keep up with his own lyrics. He tries to keep up to a backing track, but he is all over the place. How did he get famous? Well, Kodak Black makes music for the type of demographic that isn’t looking for Kendrick Lamar talent. Don’t believe me that his live shows are truly awful, watch this:

Basement on Fire

“Basement on Fire” is a truly underwhelming track. Sometimes, Kodak Black produces decent songs, but “Basement on Fire” isn’t one of those times. The drums have too much reverb and the mix is terrible. For someone that has as much money as Kodak Whack, this song sounds like it was produced by a 15 year old in their basement. The vibe on this track is lazy and I was happy when the song was over. Throughout the years, Kodak Black just keeps getting worse. Sometimes, he can be funny, but it’s usually not related to music.

Lyrics to Basement on Fire

[Intro] The HK weighin’ 4 pounds
N***** know it’ll go down
I’m ZMF, I ain’t Zoe Pound
I’m Zoe Mafia

[Verse] Make the hoe popular
She used to work, Mickey D’s
Smokin’ pills with the trees
You n****s can’t intervene
It be too much rank come wit’ me
I was on the crate selling weed
Get a n***a stank for no reason
Then I’m on a date overseas
I’m in the Wraith snorting molly
You out here chasin’ her body
She want some braces, I got her
Who set the basement on fire, ya
Choppin’ heads and burnin’ houses, n****
Coupe tèt boulе kay (The President Of Haiti said that)
I’m wit’ thе Kutthroat Committee
Get a n**** touched in his own city
I ain’t gon’ lie, lil’ mom pretty
She just need a lil’ butt and more titties
Can’t even stop gettin’ high
I can’t even tell my people why
I can’t even stop playin’ wit’ fire
I be sayin’ “I change” but I lie
He set the basement on fire
He made a statement, oh my
I was totin’ the cutter already
And free lil’ motherf*****’ Melly
Imma set up the stu and the telly
Everything I do: legendary
Rock Jimmy Choo wit’ Amiri
These bullets gon’ cut through your vest
You know what it is, it’s ZMF
I ain’t got no pain in me left
I be trynna see how I can finesse somethin’
You know what’s next, I’mma stretch somethin’
Need a lil coat for the redrum
It’s about to be a murder
Slow a lil’ down and start swervin’
I’m in the backseat, serious
N****, it’s a Kutthroat Bizness
Yeah n****, Kutthroat Bill
Kutthroat J. Bill, Duval, uh huh
I’m gettin’ one wit you when I pull up I get my dawgs
It’s only lil’ way we can take care of this lil’ problem
They just let Lil’ Wiz off house arrest, yea Imma pop me a bottle
God keep blessin’ the squad, I don’t know what it is about us that he see
Everybody silent, Grew up robbin’, I’m catchin’ bodies
Kutthroat, Sniper Gang, ya, SG super grimey
I’m on eight pills and another dose, one more
Every Hour
Kutthroat J. Bill, Duval, uh huh
N****, Broward









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