Brayy Interview

Brayy Interview

Brayy Interview

Count Down


Are you ready for “Count Down”? Brayy has a laid-back easy-going approach to rap. Some of the lines in “Count Down” are ferocious, yet they are delivered in a calm demeanor. Interestingly, it actually works and makes for a mellow tune with ominous undertones. Brayy is coming up on the scene and it is time to show some respect for this newcomer. His delivery is refined and his rhymes range from laid back to fast-paced. Brayy is “young but he’s getting older” which is why we had to reach out for an interview before he destroys the rap game!

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Rock the Hip Hop Brayy Interview

What city are you from?

Lincoln, Nebraska.

How has your city influenced your sound?

The people that have surrounded me in Lincoln have been my day ones and have helped influence and push me to be myself with my music, brand, and everything else within my career.

Tell us about your best performance.

It’s not as professional of a performance, but it is more personal to me. I stood on a car with my friends blaring my music to a bunch of people that I did know and didn’t.

Talk about your latest project.

I saw from my previous projects that I needed something more energetic and fun, as well as kinda give a story within my song. So for my new project, COME OVER, I think I was able to check off both of those boxes and more.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Consistently progressing into the artist that I want to become.

Check Brayy out now:


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