H Da Monsta is Unstoppable

H Da Monsta is Unstoppable

H Da Monsta is Unstoppable


What do you get when you mix old school hip hop and trap? You get a uniquely fresh and interesting mix. “Unstoppable” is a throw back jam with punchy rhyme schemes and clever hooks. H da Monsta really proves that he is a monster in this hip hop game. He is going to destroy the competition and has a proven track record of doing so. If you look through H da Monsta’s YouTube channel some of his videos have 100,000’s of views. He gets that many views for good reason. It is simple…. H da Monsta is talented!

Dumb Bitch

“Dumb Bitch” has an eerie mid-tempo groove that is dark, but thrilling. Honestly, “Dumb Bitch” is the perfect song for a strip club. In the video, he has many attractive women shaking their ass, but it doesn’t take away from his delivery or distract you from H Da Monsta. H da Monsta is a deep, well meaning artist who will stand the test of time.


Don’t sleep on H da Monsta!

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