HiztoryFinesse Interview

HiztoryFinesse Interview

HiztoryFinesse Interview


You know someone is a good rapper when they can flow without drums. Before the drums hit, HiztoryFinesse starts off impressively before the trap beat hits us. HiztoryFinesse has a fast flow and punctuates his rhymes on the off beats. It’s amazing how talented HiztoryFinesse. “Baseline” is an impressive track and HiztoryFinesse only takes a breath right towards the end of the track. HiztoryFinesse mixes new school rap with old school. His rhymes are powerful yet poetic. HiztoryFinesse is going to go down in the history books as being one of the greatest rappers ever.


Who is HiztoryFinesse? HiztoryFinesse is a rapper from Miami, but decided to move to Atlanta. Both Miami and Atlanta have a thriving hip hop scene but recently, Miami has been overtaken by Latin rap. HiztoryFinesse knows how to finesse a beat and make memorable music. He can rap slow but also rap fast. Some of his most impressive songs are faster paced and very exciting. It is thrilling to listen to HiztoryFinesse. Recently, we reached out to HiztoryFinesse for an interview and he agree.

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with HiztoryFinesse

Where are you from?

Miami but reside in Atlanta.

How has your city influenced your sound?

Seeing and living the life of struggle and poverty influences me to get money like the rich do.

What instruments do you play?

Piano and Drums.

What’s your best performance?

King of Diamonds.

What’s your worst performance?

Back when I froze on stage at Miami arena at the age of 17.

Tell us about your newest single.

Baseline is just me expressing myself in a drill flow type way with a few personal’s to express where I’m coming from…

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Multi Millionaire or Kanye status.

Does your family support your musical journey?

Yes, they support it.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

Rick Ross, Drake, Lil baby, Da baby, 21 Savage, Kanye, Big Sean, T Pain, Ti, Young Thug, Future. Dave East, Meek Mills, Lil Durk, Boosie, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole.

Any new projects you are working on that you want to share?

Lemon pepper freestyle and Bachata.

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Tidal: https://tidal.com/track/187940291

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/dqC9qMUb7eyjKpp4A

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/62RV6pwaHwgEBrM8gwD7Fb?si=eRP0uJuBToOk6jKISQk2NA&dl_branch=1






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