Interview with Gawshee TheMaine

Interview with Gawshee TheMaine

Interview with Gawshee TheMaine

Thirty One

Groundbreaking new music from Gawshee TheMaine that has a nice 80’s new wave feel to it. Blending electronic and trap is a where Gawshee TheMaine finds their sweet spot. The music is on point and the style is fun. The music video for “Thirty One” is well produced and clever.


“MoneyMind” is a more laid back track that emphasizes the importance of money and the power that it holds. Gawshee TheMaine doesn’t hold back with any of his verses and is always spitting fire. The quality of all of his tracks aren’t your average SoundCloud rapper. These tracks have a lot of heart and soul. Also, they motivate you to better yourself.

We reached out to Gawshee TheMaine for an interview and he took some time to answer some questions.

Rock The Hip Hop Interview with Gawshee TheMaine

How could you describe your music?

The way I describe my music , I would say New school/ New wave different sounds.

Explain the creative process.

My creativity comes from my city not having no major artist here no sign artist so he make me even to go harder to be the first in my city to Get a legit record deal !! To show the young people or anyone no matter how hard u work you can get it !!

What is one thing you would change about the music business?

One thing I can change in the music business is help unsigned artist get more heard , help with charity create more Record labels !!

What do you make music for?

For my fans !

What is one message that you would like to give for your fans?

No matter what don’t stop trying !! Work hard on your dream and goals because I’m living proof that hard work pay off !!!


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