Interview with KiidMilli

Interview with KiidMilli

Interview with KiidMilli


Before “Im Next” drops, there was “Pain”. A deep and soulful cut that really shows how much pain KidMilli has inside. Trials and tribulations have led him to where he is now. KiidMilli writes heartfelt rhymes and his newest project “Im Next” drops on March 18.

Im Next Out Now:

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with KiidMilli

What city are you from?

Goldsboro, North Carolina

How has your city influenced your sound?

It influenced me by making me want to stand out and sound different and create more of an authentic sound that’s my own

Tell us about your best performance?

No performances as of yet but as more career is just beginning I’m ready to make that happen

Talk about your latest project

My latest project is dropping March 18th 2022 ! It’s my first ever tape and i have alot to grow from but time will tell

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Living a wealthy lifestyle , 30M + people around the world knows my music and my brand and wealth

Check out KiidMilli’s newest song “Fate” which debuts on March 18!!!

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