Interview with Lena Vatton

Interview with Lena Vatton

Interview with Lena Vatton

Legendary Remix

Lena Vatton is coming on strong with his newest mixtape and project entitled “My Fans Say That Am Great Mixtape” which is a modern trap and rap mixtape. The first track is called “Legendary Remix”. The beat is futuristic and has an icy, cool feel. “Spent some racks/whole lotta money…getting paid” is a way to celebrate Lena Vatton’s newfound success. Rapping is in Lena’s DNA and it’s paying off.

Top 3 Remix

“Top 3 Remix” is one of my favorite tracks off of Lena’s newest mixtape. Let’s make a toast to this chill and laid-back banger. There is a really cool feeling to the songs on this mixtape. The vocals have a lot of reverb and autotune, but it works for the style of music. Lena Vatton is a cool rapper with a chill demeanor.


“Glocksta is a bonafide trap hit that bumps n grinds. All of Lena Vatton’s sound is based on his upbringing and not being able to trust anyone. Unfortunately, street life is a tough life that gives you a dark and harsh reality of a very sad side of life, but it makes for good music. Lena Vatton is the real deal and Lena agreed to be interviewed by Rock the Hip Hop

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Lena Vatton

Where are you from?


How has your city influenced your sound?

Raised in city where you cant trust nobody, killings and dealings so it really had alot to do with my sound. But i always try to tap in different elements because i want my music to be more than an Atlanta gang talk.

What instruments do you play?

Piano kinda

What’s your best performance?

My best performance has to be making something new

What is your worst performance?

Working at a regular job defiantly my worst performance

Tell us about your newest single.

Its just something i put together with my homie Michael J. He’s a rnb, love song artist and we came together and make something more people can vibe to.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I want to grow a wilder diehard fanbase, my goal ain’t necessarily trying to be the biggest thing on the planet bout have a audience thats gon live forever.

Does your family support your musical journey?

My 2 little sisters and my big bro for sure.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

My dream collab gat to be Nba Youngboy, Kanye West and Taylor swift

Any new projects you are working on that you want to share?

I’ve released my first Mixtape on the 18th of Feb Titled My Fans Say That Am Great MIXTAPE

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