Interview with Loh Vin

Interview with Loh Vin

Interview with Loh Vin


Recently, we spoke to the incredibly talented musical artist Loh Vin. His newest song “2 raw” is straight fire. It’s catchy and his voice is very chill. There’s this smoky aesthetic to Loh Vin’s tone and it gets you hyped. This young man is very talented and if he doesn’t blow up soon it will be a crime.

Here is our interview with Loh Vin

Tell me about your newest single and what inspired you to make it?

My new single is called “2raw”. I wanted something that made ya head nod something that got you hype and from the moment the beat drop that’s just wat I wanted to give n I did.

Where are you from and a little bit of your background?

I am from Baltimore Maryland I’m from over west that’s wat we called the west side of Baltimore. I grew up in the system that’s foster care for the people that don’t kno but yea so i ain’t never had shit easy growing up in the area I’m from and the family situation I was in.


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?


I see myself making music still I really love it I also see myself on already on the industry by then I see Loh Vin being a household name everyone grown grandma to baby joe goin to get exited when I come on.


Who inspires you as an artist?


Tbh I have some favorite artists G herbo Abg Neal Louie ray but I get inspiration from all kinds of things n I just take my life n make it into some bomb ass music.


Tell us something unique about your music and what you stand for?


My music will get u movin weather u dance kind ya head or w.e u goin move I think my music different because I have songs with samples from the 80s the 90s n more so I can be played in a room with multiple generations in it n everyone goin like something also I take my life n I make it funny n rap about but it’s real life stuff that people can tell with that n I feel like I stand for being yourself like from my music to my clothes I just express myself n I don’t care if u don’t like it.


We want to thank Loh Vin for taking the time to be interviewed and here are his social links. Please go check out his stuff.






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