Itty Bitty !

Itty Bitty !

Itty Bitty !

Artist Name: Checkā€™a Fred
Single: Itty Bitty !

Itty Bitty !


Check’a, Check’a, Check’a Can’t you see?

When he raps about his thick chick, he isn’t kidding. The woman in the music video definitely doesn’t have itty bitty titties, but Check’a Fred will take it all. I love the chill vibe to this down-to-earth track. “Itty Bitty !” is the perfect strip club song. I can picture myself in the club throwing ones at a stripper who has “itty bitty” titties. This song is perfect. Seriously, it’s really good.

Check’a Fred

Check’a Fred is smooth. Women love him because he is talented and men want to be like him. IL produces some of the newest and freshest hip hop, Check’a Fred is no exception. Blue Door Studios and Rawthenic Entertainment produced “Itty Bitty !” which is the latest track off of “Check Mate !”. This is the perfect song for the ladies to get down and dance to.

Stream Check’a Fred’s newest track “Itty Bitty !”

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