KI Back At It is Back at it with Possible

KI Back At It is Back at it with Possible

KI Back At It is Back at it with Possible

In life, anything is possible. People who fail in life are people that give up. Giving up is never an option especially if you have talent like KI Back At It. “Possible” is an absolute banger. It will take you by surprise and it’s one of those rare songs that are catchy with the first listen.

Chill Vibes

The main melody has a middle eastern vibe, which really sets this track apart from other hip hop tracks. Bollywood makes Indian movies that feature modern Indian music. “Possible” reminds me of one of the kinds of songs that you would hear in a Bollywood film and that is awesome. Diversity of sound is important and many hip-hop artists don’t explore that. Luckily, KI Back At It likes to experiment and take chances. The best musicians try new things and think outside the box.


“Tell me if it’s possible… I wanna be inside of you” At some point in every man’s life, we wonder whether it’s possible to get that girl we desire. Sometimes it is and sometimes it’s not. Usually, talented rappers like Ki Back at It are the kind of guys that get all the ladies. Not only does this song have a middle eastern riff, but it also has an R&B hook. Ki Back at It sings over the chorus and then raps the verses. “Possible” is a unique twist and everything about this song is a hit. Is it possible that I will listen to this song more than once? It is definitely MORE than possible!

Ki Back at It

When you think of New Jersey, what do you think of? Jersey shore dudes with bad tans and bad accents? Well, Ki Back at It will change that stereotype. Ki Back at It is cool, talented, and on the rise. Not only does Ki Back at It makes music, but he also mentors children. Children need positive role models and Ki Back at It is a very positive role model. Consistency is what Ki Back at it is known for. He has produced over 26 singles. Throughout his career, he has been building up his record label, Jersey We Lit Records. “It will be up and fully running in the next 5 years,” says Ki Back at It. Please do not sleep on Ki Back at It and stream his newest song “Possible”.

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