King Mushu is a powerful artist and founder of UnderGround Paradise Records

King Mushu is a powerful artist and founder of UnderGround Paradise Records

Who is King Mushu

Tony Anhtuan Mai, also known as “King Mushu”, comes from a mixed racial background of African American and Asian heritage. As the founder and CEO of Under Ground Paradise Records, he not only pursues his own artistic and directorial aspirations but also supports other aspiring artists to achieve their dreams.

He was born on May 30th, 1991 in Vancouver, MA, and under the astrological sign of Gemini, he developed versatility and the resilience to overcome any challenges he encountered from a young age.

Tony’s Early Years

During his early years, Tony’s mother left him under the care of his grandmother to seek better opportunities as a single mother trying to provide for her son. However, when he turned 15, his grandmother deemed him too determined and sent him to live with his mother in Baltimore, Maryland. Despite not being a troublesome child, Tony struggled to navigate his way through life, especially in the absence of his distant father.

There were times when he faced the uncertainty of having his next meal and had to rely on his close group of teenage peers. Tony, being the resourceful problem-solver that he is, came up with a plan to feed his family and the children in his community, even if it meant breaking the law.

He could not bear to see those around him suffer from hunger or deprivation. Tony’s core values and determination remain unchanged despite his growth and success.

King Mushu’s Musical Journey

Tony Mai’s journey into the world of music began when he met David Murph, a fellow serviceman with whom he shared a strong bond. While serving in the military, they discovered a shared passion for creating lively music to uplift their fellow soldiers’ spirits. One evening, at a house party, a young woman named Ashlie bestowed upon Tony the nickname “Mushu,” inspired by the character from the popular Disney movie.

Interestingly, Tony had always felt a connection to the Chinese dragon, which people had often compared him to since he was young. He was intelligent, driven, fierce, and had a knack for always finding himself on the fortunate side of things. King Mushu even recalls seeing dragons in the clouds during thunderstorms in his childhood.

The Birth of King Mushu

King Mushu’s journey toward a successful music career was not an easy one. He had initially been compared to an artist named “50 Tyson,” despite feeling that he had no similarities with him. Though he struggled in the beginning, he kept practicing to avoid embarrassing his friend during their collaborations and performances.

Upon his honorable discharge from the military, King Mushu began to take his music passion more seriously. He returned to his hometown of Baltimore from his stationed base in El Paso, Texas, feeling lost and distressed.

Turning to music as a source of comfort, he found solace in the art form. Encouraged by his supportive group of friends, he was eventually christened “King” in recognition of his ability to overcome life’s adversities. And thus, “King Mushu” was born.

The Birth of Under Ground Paradise Records

In the late summer of 2015, King Mushu journeyed to New York City with hopes of being signed to Roc Nation, but unfortunately, he was not successful. However, this setback only fueled his determination to find a place in the music industry and establish a home for himself as an artist.

He went on to establish his own record label, Under Ground Paradise Records and has since achieved numerous accomplishments, including performing at various venues across the country such as Las Vegas, El Paso, Annapolis, and Portland.

King Mushu has also released an album entitled “The Rise of King Mushu”, which is the first part of a trilogy project and has garnered tens of thousands of listeners on various streaming platforms, including Spotify. Although music and business are his primary passions, King Mushu is also deeply committed to philanthropy.

In 2016, he initiated and completed a clean water donation project through his label to assist the people of Flint, MI. As he has expressed on multiple occasions, his goal is to give back as much as possible to those in need.

Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, and Andre 3000 as Influences

King Mushu often cites some of the most intricate artists, including Jay-Z, Andre 3000, J. Cole, Cyhi Da Prince, and Kendrick Lamar, as his major inspirations. His motivation for music is to awaken the consciousness of his listeners and to free melanated people from the mental slavery they endure daily.

Most of his songs are based on this core value, as he notices the suffering and mental anguish of his people. While he knows he cannot do it all by himself, he takes pleasure in offering a voice to be heard and hopes to relieve the pain that a great song can bring to the soul.

With his versatility in various genres, such as rap, R&B, and even pop, he enjoys telling a good story or boasting about his talents as a rapper. King Mushu aspires to continue his career, and he sees this as just the beginning of his journey. Stay tuned!

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King Mushu Upcoming Shows
King Mushu Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows

King Mushu Upcoming Shows
King Mushu Upcoming Shows

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