Miami, Florida has always been recognized as a hub of musical talent, and the latest sensation to emerge from its vibrant scene is KoolKidRockWell, a 26-year-old artist of Cuban-Belizean descent. Through his captivating sounds, he is pushing the boundaries of contemporary Hip-Hop and R&B.

Recently, KoolKidRockWell released his single titled “DONT TELL ME,” which is poised to create a buzz in the industry. The track not only showcases his raw talent but also demonstrates his innate ability to craft hooks that leave a lasting impact on listeners. With a versatile voice that effortlessly transitions between singing and subtle rapping, KoolKidRockWell commands attention as a formidable artist.

His unique and laid-back flow harmoniously blends with the powerful yet melodious instrumental, creating an intense and infectious musical experience.

As KoolKidRockWell continues to make waves with his distinct sound, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a household name. Keep a close watch on this rising star as he leads the way into a new era of authentic music.


Chill vibes and feel good music help usher in a new era of soul and hip hop with artists like KOOLKIDROCKWELL. “All these blunts that I be smokin’ blow my feelings in the air” show the lyrical capabilities of KOOLKIDROCKWELL.

DONT TELL ME is a song that is soulful mixed with hip hop. This song is a mix of Drake, Future, and even some Usher. The melodic and chill guitar melody reinforces the subtle yet poignant delivery of KOOLKID’s vocals. “All these bitches love me but they don’t know my name” is something that many men can relate to. It’s a cold world and you have to be on your toes. KOOLKIDROCKWELL does a great job of being a voice for this generation with high quality and high production songs.

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