Mac Raven Interview

Mac Raven Interview

Mac Raven Interview

The ReArranging

“Nothing ever ends, it just changes” and other sentiments cement Mac Raven as a positive force in hip hop. Searching for answers has led Mac Raven on a path of discovery. After finding out that someone close to him passed, Mac Raven was inspired to write this inspiring hip hop track called, “The ReArranging”.

The beat is hypnotic and Mac’s flow is on point. Mac Raven is on the come up and his music is inspiring a new wave of artists. We reached out to Mac Raven for an interview and luckily, he agreed.

Mac Raven Interview with Rock the Hip Hop

What city are you from and how has it influenced your sound?

I’m a product of the west coast. San Diego to Seattle Born and raised near Sacramento, CA I was exposed to the hype movement of the bay area. I enjoy the music and respect artists like Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina but it was hard for me to relate on a deep level. I wasn’t inspired to start writing hip hop until I was living in the pacific northwest and the Seattle area. I currently reside in Wenatchee, WA. Finding myself closer to the underground mid-west scene I was inspired and found a genre I could feel at home in amongst artists like sadistic Eyedea Aesop rock and the Rhymesayers.

Tell us about your best performance?

Being raised deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains there wasn’t much in the way of hip hop but there were open mic blues nights. The best time I had performing is when I was able to adapt my lyrics to live blues with amazing local musicians. Tuesdays Bluesdays, I tapped into a vibe that was reciprocated that night.

Talk about your latest project.

I have a single being released on 1/31/22 through Spotify, Apple, Audiomack, and all major streaming platforms. The rearranging is a country/hip hop/pop feel that I created while trying to figure out how to ease the suffering of my community. 2021 saw us lose so many and so much. I came up with this message “nothing ever ends it just changes”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’m working on this project idea that involves a physical promotional/networking campaign followed by an independent tour. This will provide content for a documentary following the rise of an independent artist utilizing both modern as well as 90s type promotion. I just want to provide people like myself something to relate to that sparks emotion and stimulates thought.

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