How to get 20 times More Streams with this Amazing Trick

How to get 20 times More Streams with this Amazing Trick

How to get 20 times More Streams with this Amazing Trick

Spotify is an essential platform to host your music. Many will not consider you a serious musician until you put your music on Spotify. The problem with being a new musician is not having any fans. You need fans to make a career in music. Fans equal money…right? Well, it really stinks when you put your song on Spotify and nobody listens.

Here is a Trick to Get More Streams

This is a very simple trick. This came from a lot of research and failure. I once tried to be an artist myself but I prefer marketing over making music. So this is what I found…..

This will get you over 10 times the streams on SPOTIFY!!!

Are you READY?


All of your songs have a link. When you go on Spotify and release a song, your song has a unique link. The problem is everyone is trying to send their Spotify link to everyone. They end up putting their link in their bio or spamming it over DM. This is bad because it is a link to one specific song on one specific platform. What if someone doesn’t use Spotify? Now you may ask… well, I thought you said this was a Spotify trick? Yes, it is. Keep reading…


A landing page is a page that cleanly sends a user to a page where they can buy your product. In this case, you want them to buy your music. A specific company that makes nice landing pages for you is called Link Tree.

Many famous athletes, entrepreneurs, actors/actresses, and musicians use Link Tree to set up landing pages for products that they are trying to sell. You can sign up on Link Tree to create a landing page where you can put your links to your song. You can set it up so that it has your song from Spotify, apple music, Deezer, Napster, SoundCloud.


Link Fire is another site that is similar to Link Tree. It essentially does the same thing and gives you stats. It is helpful to put your link fire link inside of your Link Tree landing page. For some reason, it really works to boost streams and gives you great engagement.


So remember CREATE A LANDING PAGE! This is a lot more effective in boosting your Spotify streams. It makes you look more professional than just posting your Spotify link on your Instagram or Twitter profile. This will boost the streams on all of your platforms because remember you don’t want to just focus on one social media platform. People listen to music in different places. Your music needs to be EVERYWHERE!



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