Youtube Promotion



YouTube Promotion

Increase your chances of being seen and get into the YouTube Explore Section

What will you get from each YouTube Promotion package?

  • Organic Promotion to targeted and niche audiences (Size depends on the package)
  • Promo runs for between 5 days to 2 weeks
  • YouTube Terms of Service (TOS) compliant
  • Safe, Organic, 100% Effective YouTube Promotion

Why choose Rock the Hip Hop’s YouTube Promotion Package?

Rock the Hip Hop works with a network of highly engaged music listeners and we will get your music in front of the right target audience. Also, we will run ads and get your music featured on playlists that will help you gain the proper exposure that you need as an artist.

How do we advertise your music video with our YouTube Promotion Package?

  • Rock the Hip Hop utilizes our network and our partner’s network of music-related websites to attract a targeted and specific audience for your genre of music.
  • Rock the Hip Hop runs premium Google AdWords PPC advertising campaigns to ensure that we are targeting real users who want to listen to your music.
  • Through our network, we share on different social media platforms to boost organic engagement and shares.

What genres of music do we promote with our YouTube Promotion Package?

We promote all genres of music. All of our partner networks have different websites for different genres. We do specialize in hip hop and rap, but all genres are welcomed and we will take special care to put those genres in front of the right audiences.

Do we promote explicit music content with our YouTube Promo Package?

Yes, but clean tracks are easier to promote. Some of our partners have issues with explicit content, so it limits where we can place your music.

Note: We do not accept hateful or racist music. Vulgarity is one thing, but intolerance towards any group WILL NOT be promoted.

Is our YouTube Promotion Package safe?

Absolutely! Our YouTube Promotion package is 100 % safe. We abide by YouTube’s Terms of Service and your music video will not be in danger of getting taken down.

Do we promote any song regardless of the quality of the song?

Yes, but be warned, the results of our package will depend on the quality of your work. The better your music is, then the better the results will be. Higher quality tracks get more engagement and low-quality tracks might get more dislikes/very low retention.

*High-Quality and Engaged Viewers!
*The promotion starts within 1-4 days.
*Delivery Time is between 5-15 days. 

More benefits of this Package:

*This service is fast, efficient, and professional!
*Boost your videos and give them a chance of going VIRAL!
*Potential to Increase your YouTube and Google Ranking!
*Potential to Get More YouTube Subscribers, Likes, Shares, and Views for your YouTube Channel!

This package will help get your video in front of the right audience who appreciates music. Views, likes, shares, and subscribers all depend on the quality of your music. Through a combination of Google AdWords PPC advertising campaigns and sharing your music on specific social media platforms, our package has the potential for your music to go VIRAL.

Buy this package if you are serious about your work and you will receive professional promotion. 

Different YouTube Promotion Packages

Basic YouTube Promo Package

The Basic YouTube Promo Service delivers your music to an audience of approximately 1,000 people.

Standard YouTube Promo Package

The Standard YouTube Promo Service delivers your music to an audience of approximately 4,000 people.

Premium YouTube Promo Package

The Premium YouTube Promo Service delivers your music to an audience of approximately 8,000 people.


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