The Infamous King of Positivity (I.K.P.) Inspires his Audience with his Latest EP, “RADICALIZE”

The Infamous King of Positivity (I.K.P.) Inspires his Audience with his Latest EP, “RADICALIZE”



The Infamous King of Positivity aka I.K.P. has earned that named after staying positive throughout all the tough times in his life. I.K.P. says, “I eventually reconnected with my spirituality and with my heritage and since then, I’ve opened up about my struggles, sought therapy, told my family and have been trying to make peace with a lot of that trauma.” His journey has been a difficult one, but he has incredible music that highlights that journey.


Life hasn’t been easy for I.K.P. He has faced many hardships and challenges in his life. It is not easy to deal with multiple sclerosis, at the same time, he was dealing with homelessness, heartbreaks, and depression. Throughout all this, I.K.P. had to stay positive. He reconnected with his spirituality and really focused his energy on his craft. His passion for his music is very apparent in “RADICALIZE”.

The Infamous King of Positivity (I.K.P.)

Tracks like “Eyez Heavy” are beautiful, poignant, and powerful. Mrs. Victoria Alvarez is featured on this track and perfectly compliments I.K.P.’s heartfelt vocals and delivery. My favorite track is “Black + Blue”. This song is well produced and the lyrics are quite moving. “RADICALIZE” is an EP that leaves you wanting more. I don’t mean this in a negative way. The album is so good that you want to hear more from I.K.P.

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