Reneé The Entertainer Interview

Reneé The Entertainer Interview

Who is Reneé The Entertainer

Reneé The Entertainer is an incredibly talented singer and performer.

“I Won’t Hold Back” showcases her abilities to sing flawlessly on key and give you chills. Her voice is absolutely stunning.

Everything about Reneé The Entertainer is entertaining. Not only is she extremely talented, but she is extremely beautiful.

We are absolutely hypnotized by Reneé The Entertainer’s musical presence. There is something truly powerful about her essence and what she is giving to the world.

We reached out to Reneé The Entertainer for an interview and luckily, she agreed.

Reneé The Entertainer
Reneé The Entertainer

Rock the Hip Hop Reneé The Entertainer Interview

What city are you from?

Melanin Alien from far away currently residing in Buffalo, New York.

How has your city influenced your sound?

New York in general has a globally-recognizable energy, but working 6 yrs with Delta Airlines I spent a lot of time traveling the world and got to experience so many different cities, countries, and cultures. My music and sound reflect some of the places I’ve visited, but I’m mostly influenced by the moon.

Tell us about your best performance.

The best is yet to come! But the performance that comes to mind at the moment is the ‘Queen City Christmas Showcase’. It was my first time performing new songs from my album Midnight Vibes Collection and my friend insisted on dressing me in a sparkly, disco ball, Catwoman suit. It was truly a blast!

(*Performance videos available on my Reneé The Entertainer Youtube Channel).

Talk about your latest project.

On 6/4/22 I released Midnight Vibes Collection (available now on all streaming platforms) and the Official Music video for my song “I Won’t Hold Back”! (1.3K views on Youtube). This project was definitely my version of popping out with a pandemic baby lol. I was on an extended performance hiatus so that allowed me to shift my focus to my session work and songwriting. I’m proud to say I recorded most of the vocals/tracks on this project myself in my home studio. So it makes it even more special for me as I continue my journey into sound engineering and do more of my own production.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Healthy, and hopefully on stage still doing what I love Lord willing! And settled on my own hidden patch of grass somewhere peaceful bringing my other manifestations to life.

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