Rest in Peace DMX

Rest in Peace DMX

Rest in Peace DMX

The early 90s was a unique time for music. There was an emergence of new genres and freedom of speech was fully intact. Artists could say and practically do whatever they wanted to in the 1990s. Today, the music landscape is very different. Musicians today will be canceled if they say or do the wrong thing. Sadly, an artist like DMX couldn’t exist in today’s politically correct musical landscape. Luckily, DMX existed and his music will live on forever.

Earl Simmons

Who was DMX? Before DMX was DMX, he was Earl Simmons. Tragedy and hardship were very present in DMX’s early life. Throughout his child, DMX was beaten and at night, roaches and mice crawled over him. Living in poverty toughened DMX. Sadly, daily beatings by his mother and her boyfriends were also very present.

How DMX Got His Name

Most people think DMX stands for “Dark Man X”, but actually, he got his name from the Oberheim DMX drum machine. Rapping became a way to escape. In order to pay his bills, DMX turned to crime. Stealing purses and carjacking landed DMX in jail. He took rapping and writing music more seriously after people started to encourage him and it made him realize that he had a talent for it.

Def Jam

Struggling and hustling is how DMX finally established himself. He would sell tapes from the back of his car in New York and that helped him gain a local following. Soon, Def Jam took notice. They signed him and he released his first single, “Get at Me Dog”. Then, he changed the world with the release of “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot”.

And Then There Was X

After putting out two number one albums, DMX released his most commercially successful album, “…and then there was x”. This album changed the world with songs like “Party Up (Up in Here)”. DMX was on top of the world after this album. After this album, he was a legend.

DMX and Movies

In the early 2000s, DMX was at the top of the rap game. His gruff delivery style was unique and his style was his. No one could replicate what DMX did. He was a true original. His musical success led him to a career in movies. Several notable films he made were Belly, Exit Wounds, Romeo Must Die, Beyond the Law, Pump, and Never Die Alone. His acting style mimicked his musical style… a bad ass.

Legal Troubles

DMX made millions of dollars but also lost millions of dollars. Why? Because of having too many kids. Note to all upcoming rappers: GET A VASECTOMY! Although, DMX loved all his children, it cost him money. When you have money, women want to take advantage. DMX had 15 children with 9 different women. All of those 9 women hit DMX up for child support payments and he couldn’t keep up. Throughout his career, he faced many different legal battles for different reasons. There were charges for marijuana possession, animal cruelty, assault, reckless driving, theft, parole violation, gun possession, cocaine possession, and the list goes on. DMX was not a perfect person and that is what made him so vulnerable in his music. There was always a brutal honesty aspect to his songs that reflected his personal struggles.


Towards the end of his career, DMX was turning his life around for the better. He was making new movies and making new music. Instead of doing drugs, he turned his life to God. Christianity and reading the bible became a big part of DMX’s life. It really helped changed DMX. Nobody is perfect and DMX wanted to set a better example for his family. In his recent concerts, he would always bring his family on stage and tour with them. His children were a big part of his life and in many interviews, he would say he regretted how things turned out. People can change and DMX was a brilliant example of that.

The Death of DMX

Earl Simmons life came to an end on April 9, 2021. Many speculations have circulated about Earl Simmons’ death. Before his death, he was intensive care because he had a heart attack that left in a coma. People have speculated about what led to his death, but until the test results come in we will not officially know. It could have just been his heart giving out after years of abuse. Many people speculate that his heart attack was from his turning back to drugs, but we do not know for sure. All that matters is that we lost a legend too soon. 50 years old is much too young for someone to die. DMX was an extremely talented individual and he will always be remembered forever.


Many in the hip hop community are now trying to raise awareness about his death. Master P recently said that he feels that the hip hop community abandons their own. His music will be remembered forever and he has 15 children. I’m sure he will have many, many grandchildren. Rest in Peace Earl Simmons (1970-2021).


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