Shaheed Rahman is Breaking Ground in America

Shaheed Rahman is Breaking Ground in America

Shaheed Rahman is Breaking Ground in America

Ennai Marandhen

“Ennai Marandhen” is a beautiful track with vocals from Disha Prakash. My favorite part about this song is the drumming and the soloing. This track is well-produced and compliments the vocals perfectly. Even though this song isn’t in English, it can still be highly enjoyable for anyone because the music is so good. “My soul is searching, my mind is wandering…” when you translate the lyrics to this song, they are quite poetic. It is about a woman who finds herself and appreciates love and nature. She will seize the mountains and keep them with her.


The beat in “Virudhunagarukkaari” starts off really fierce. The intro to this song is super catchy and EDM-influenced. Then it transitions to a more relaxed feel with some heavy drumming. What stands out on this track is old-school Indian influence mixed with modern electronic and funk music. The instrumentals are perfect and compliment this song so well. The bass is heavy and the song is an instant hit. You honestly don’t even need to understand the lyrics to vibe to this song. When you translate the song to English, then you find out it is about love. He is madly in love with this woman and then the funky bass really takes that point home.

More about Shaheed Rahman

Shaheed Rahman is a diverse and interesting artist. He features many different talents in his music. His music videos are fun and exciting. They are very colorful and the dancing will make anyone envious. Shaheed spends a lot of time on his craft and brings together some of the best talents to make incredible music. Shaheed Rahman is a true artist and is making a name for himself in America. In America, we appreciate good music. It doesn’t matter what language it is in. If you can feel the beat and connect with the music, then it doesn’t matter if it is in another language.

We reached out to Shaheed Rahman for an interview: INTERVIEW WITH SHAHEED RAHMAN

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