Suzzy Nico Sings the Blues

Suzzy Nico Sings the Blues

Suzzy Nico Sings the Blues

Love Left Me Alone

An eerie piano melody starts to hauntingly play as Suzzy Nico sings some of the most gut-wrenching and heartbreaking music that you will ever hear. Everyone is tired of hearing love songs and Suzzy Nico makes it clear right from the beginning that love has failed her.

It has failed most of us and the pain we live with every day can be unbearable. Luckily, songs like this help to make us think and put love into perspective.

Drunk to Much The Night Before

There is a sober and gentle feel to Suzzy Nico’s music, but also a very intriguing and unique flow. Breathy vocals with a heavy amount of reverb help to really drive the point of the song home. Heavy piano and slow rhythms are a driving force in Suzzy Nico’s music. Her aesthetic is dark yet invigorating.

Is Love for you or Me

Suzzy Nico has a very Janis Joplin-like tone to her voice, but there is definitely a unique flair to her style. Most of Suzzy Nico’s music is jazzy and written like a ballad. Most of her songs are sad, yet powerful.

There is an underlying beauty to Suzzy Nico’s music that is quite special. The United Kingdom is where Suzzy Nico is from and she is about to hit it big. Please check out more of her music and follow Suzzy Nico on social media down below.

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