The Rentals – Q36 (Album Review)

The Rentals – Q36 (Album Review)

The Rentals – Q36 (Album Review)

Q36 by The Rentals is a fun indie rock album that differentiates itself from your traditional indie fair. The use of synthesizers and distortion by The Rentals really sets them apart from their contemporaries.

Matt Sharp

The name Matt Sharp might stand out because he was one of the founding members of Weezer. Matt Sharp was the original bass player of Weezer. The Rentals groove really hard because of Matt Sharp’s creative musical phrases and rhythms. The Rentals were once just a side project for Matt Sharp but now they have proven to be just as creative and innovative as Weezer.


Science Fiction! David Bowie would be proud of this innovative piece of art. In songs like “9th Configuration”, I feel like I’m floating in space and daydreaming about the girl I love. Then “Teen Beat Cosmonaut” hits with that funky bass line that sounds like a robot marching down a hall. This album is wickedly creative with its fusion of different genres.

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Rating: 5.5 out of 10



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