Trapland Pat is Back

Trapland Pat is Back

Trapland Pat is Back

Trapland Pat is back with a fiery new track called “f**k a Ni**a”. What can we say about Trapland Pat that we didn’t say before? Pat is a genius. Comedy rap is the new wave. The best rappers don’t take themselves too seriously and they know how to have fun. I like hip hop that is fun and laid back.

Laid-back Rap

Laid-back rap is the new wave. Chill rap is perfect for hanging out with your friends or going to the beach. Trapland Pat is the kind of music that you and your friends can just sit back and chill to. It is refreshing to see a rapper who takes a different approach.

Trapland Pat Freestyle

Trapland Pat freestyle rap is one of the most interesting and heartwarming things you will ever see. There is a certain genuineness and likability to Trapland Pat’s rhymes and this proves my point:

Dr. Dre Style Beat

The main riff is very reminiscent of an old school Snoop Dogg or Dr. Dre beat. The riff is probably the highlight of the instrumental. It takes you back to a simpler time where everyone had pagers and giant cellphones.

Trippy Music Video

Warning: If you have Epilepsy, do not watch the music video for “F**k a Ni**a”. The cars are coming at you and Trapland Pat is in your face. Everything is multi-colored and funky. Most of the video Trapland Pat is either in his car or near his car, but then the car starts coming at you in 5-D.

Trapland Pat on Instagram

Funny, quirky, and controversial are a few words we can use to describe Trapland Pat. His Instagram is popping with freestyles, tattoos, and comedy videos. Of course, marijuana is very prevalent in Trapland Pat’s Instagram videos, but he always brings the fire. Literally….. If you want to be entertained, CHECK OUT TRAPLAND PAT!

Blow Up Like Trapland Pat

It’s no secret that you need to promote your music if you want to blow up. You cannot just expect to post your music video and then all of a sudden it magically BLOWS UP! That RARELY happens!

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