Aim The Rapper is On The Rise

Aim The Rapper is On The Rise

Aim The Rapper is On The Rise



Aim The Rapper may have a song called “Hate Me” but it is hard to do just that. Formerly known as L.A., Aim The Rapper reinvented himself to great success. A few of Aim The Rapper’s accomplishments are being featured on ThisIs50 and making an appearance on “The Bullshit Show with Jack Thriller”. The reason why Aim The Rapper comes off as real is because he is. Growing up on the streets is one hell of learning process. Raised by gang members and hustlers, Aim The Rapper learned how to survive on the streets and hustle. After a while of this rough lifestyle, Aim the Rapper moved in with his grandmother. His grandmother humbled him and showed him a different lifestyle. Reading the bible and going back to school were fundamentals that his grandmother instilled in him. Street culture mixed with his newfound outlook changed Aim The Rapper. No longer did he see things from such a violent and desperate perspective, he was a changed man.

Moving around throughout his life, Aim The Rapper was always a well liked person. In high school, he played football. People always admired his musical abilities throughout his life. Also, he would read the bible because of his grandmother’s influence on him. Eventually he found his way to Virginia where he linked up with a mentor who really helped him perfect his musical craft. Now, he is killing it in Atlanta. He is chasing his dreams and making them come true.

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