AJ Chaka Interview

AJ Chaka Interview

AJ Chaka Interview

Who is AJ Chaka

AJ Chaka is a rapper from Sacramento, California who is taking over the game. “Mic Check” shows AJ’s skills and wordplay. Funky and fresh, AJ Chaka is approaching hip hop in a more laid-back and chill manner. Old school vibes and fresh flows infiltrate AJ Chaka’s music. People need to check this out and we had to reach out to AJ Chaka for an interview.

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with AJ Chaka

What city are you from?

Sacramento, California. Raised in Dallas, Texas for 9 years, coming up on 10 come my birthday in January.

How has your city influenced your sound?

It really hasn’t influenced my sound much, my sound is based on all the music I listened to growing up as a kid, and the 3 different eras of my life living in 3 different states (California, Ohio, and Texas).

Tell us about your best performance.

My best performance was the first show I headlined in Harrisburg, PA. I was awarded a certificate of recognition in that city, and the people there really embraced me and my music.

Talk about your latest project.

I just released my debut album “Trill As It Gets”, which is produced by multi-award-winning Marcus Boyd Beats. It features John Jigg$, Nicole Mariee, and Jacquin. This album is a reflection piece of different time periods & mindsets I’ve had in life. I finally found my footing in Hip Hop, and know the complete direction of where I want to take my talents in the future. I recently learned there are no limits to the growth I can have going forward, and I’m just so happy to see people are really supporting this album in a way that none of my older music has before.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself releasing classic albums, headlining my own world tours, touching the people with my music. Great health, positive mindset, really just doing whatever I put my mind to x10 and achieving it. I also see myself giving back to young artists who need someone to believe in them. And taking care of my family.

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