Ankur Interview and Roots Premiere

Ankur Interview and Roots Premiere

Ankur Interview and Roots Premiere


The vocals of Ankur are deep and poignant. Haunting harmonies that will leave chills down your spine. Deep down we all have to explore our inner peace and tranquillity.

Ankur reminds us to not give in to the lies and find that special place in our mind. We need our roots to hold us to the ground and don’t let anyone cut down your tree.

Bronte Kolbe Feature

“Time that you lose when you hide from the truth” is just one line from ‘Roots’. Ankur’s soothing vocals compliment the jagged edge that Bronte Kolbe strikes with. Everything about this song is powerful and all encompassing.

“Toxins in your mind and you know you have to stop it”…

Who is Ankur

Ankur has a natural talent for creating emotionally charged and authentic music. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Ankur is a hip hop artist with a pop/rock flair. Dark and emotional soundscapes permeate throughout the haunting tones that encompass Ankur’s music.

Ankur’s lyrics are powerful and the foundation of his unique music. Through his music, he empowers his listeners and offers a journey through a dark place with a guiding light at the end of the tunnel; some would say a hopeful place that is filled with warmth.

Inner Reflections

His first EP ‘Inner Reflections’ was a great way for him to process his struggles and kickstart his journey of crafting his own sound. ‘I’m Here’ was one of his first real breakthroughs as an artist which were followed by ‘Free’, and ‘Mind Made’.

His most recent EP was “Intermission” where he experimented with electronic, rock and other sounds. “Old Friend” was a song that quickly gained popularity on Facebook with over 50,000 views on facebook in less than 2 weeks. After consistently putting out songs over the last few years Ankur is aiming to release new music very soon after releasing his newest banger ‘Roots’.


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