Black Reign Dat 1 Release 12 O Clock Boys

Black Reign Dat 1 Release 12 O Clock Boys

2023 has blessed us with Black Reign Dat 1’s newest album called “12 O’Clock Boys”.

This album features a combination of trap beats, heavy bass, sinister flows, and hard-hitting lyrics. Some of the more notable and stand out tracks are Blue Flames, Billion Mindstate, Dead Rapper, and the instant classic called Ghost of Freddie grey.

What really sets this album apart from typical rap albums? Black Reign Dat 1 has a message behind their lyrics and they actually stand for something. This album is truly top tier just like the track “Top Tier”.

Ghost of Freddie Grey

The “Ghost of Freddie Grey” is an incredibly powerful song that touches on the controversial death of Freddie Gray.

Everyday, black Americans have to fear for their lives when they deal with the police and this song is more than powerful, it’s important. We need more rappers to touch upon subjects like these because songs can change the world.

Black Reign Dat 1 does an incredible job of detailing the tragedy and how it affected people in the black community.

“12 O Clock Boys” is more than an album because every song has a different and important message to share from police brutality to the untimely and tragic death of rappers.

Dead Rapper

The emotional trap beat powering “Dead Rapper” never relents in its riveting vibes, as Black Reign Dat 1 discusses the untimely deaths of several rappers, including Pop Smoke, Takeoff, PnB Rock, Chinx Drugs, and Lil Snupe.

What sets this track apart is the authentic portrayal from the Baltimore rapper, who not only highlights the senseless deaths in hip-hop but also emphasizes the ease with which one’s life can be lost if not careful.

The song’s deep messages and dynamic flows make it a must-listen.

Please make sure to stream Black Reign Dat 1’s newest album because it is an impactful and exciting listening experience. Hip hop needs more artists like Black Reign Dat 1 and this album is very unique.


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