By the Barricade Helps Emerging Artists

By the Barricade Helps Emerging Artists

By the Barricade Helps Emerging Artists

Eric Walden is a successful marketing executive who has built a website called “By The Barricade” as a way to help emerging artists from all genres. On “By The Barricade” you will find helpful resources such as e-learning content from industry experts and helpful tools to break out in today’s overcrowded musical market.

Also, Eric has built a successful record company called “Awfully Good Records” which has released music from artists such as Firing All Cylinders, Filmspeed, and more. We really enjoy the big moves that Eric is making and his company is doing things which is why we reached out to Eric Walden for an interview.


Eric Walden
Eric Walden


Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Eric Walden from By the Barricade

How long have you been in the music business?

I started By The Barricade back in 2014 with a few writers from across the US. Our team has spent the last 8 years spotlighting aspiring rock bands in Southern California. It’s been a bumpy road but we’ve learned a lot along the way.

Why are you so passionate about helping artists?

A Day To Remember had a nasty fight with their record label and it inspired me to get involved with the local music scene. That day taught me it would take a lot to screw up worse than that so the bar was totally achievable.

What are some tips you can give artists to further their careers?

You don’t need to wait for permission to try. A lot of bands get stuck playing shows locally and think “if only a label or manager was here to help us book our first tour…” The bands that make opportunities for themselves get the most attention. Booking a crappy tour is almost always better than not booking a tour at all.

Tell us more about your website.

The site’s changed a lot over the years. We originally started with news & interviews but recently shifted focus to educational articles like “how to become a music photographer” or “how to quit a band”. We pay close attention to which questions bands are actually asking and our team does their best to answer as many as possible.

What is the best advice you can give musicians before they contact your site?

Treat it like a job application. We have plenty of opportunities for music writers & musicians looking for financial backing but emails that start like “Yo waz up dawg” are promptly ignored. I wish I saved all those hilarious emails as a list of what not to do. Sites like Sonicbids have great tools to create professional-looking electronic press kits. Linking all of your information in the submission upfront puts you lightyears ahead of the competition. Thanks a ton for the interview, I really enjoyed it!


Make sure to check out their website: BY THE BARRICADE


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