Covid Vaccine Under 5

Covid Vaccine Under 5

Covid Vaccine Under 5

Vaccine Song

To get the vaccine or to not get the vaccine that is the question. Many people have debated feverishly against each other about the vaccine. Some people are adamant that the vaccine should be enforced upon everyone!

It is a contentious topic and a topic that should be debated. Peaceful Piranha and Zjolie wrote a song called “Vax Scene” about the COVID Vaccine.

Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate

Federal Employee Vaccine Mandates have become contentious when nurses are getting fired for not getting the vaccine. Shouldn’t a vaccine be a choice?

Then should jobs be allowed to discriminate against people who aren’t vaccinated? Is an unvaccinated nurse unqualified to do her job or is she posing a danger to others? All of these questions get answered in the song “Vax Scene”.

Stream “Vax Scene” HERE

COVID Vaccine Under 5 Debate

Another contentious topic is the Covid Vaccine under 5 debate which has to do with giving the Covid vaccine to children under 5.

Parents should have the right to make this choice for their children, but some politicians have wanted to enforce vaccines even on children under 5. What is really in these vaccines?

There are legitimate concerns over something that was produced in a such a short amount of time. People are right to have questions.

Pros and Cons of Covid Vaccine

The vaccine reduces your risk of infection and the severity of the infection. Once injected, your body starts producing antibodies to COVID-19.

The purpose of this is for the antibodies to help your immune system fight the virus and thus, reduces your chance of getting infected.

There is evidence that the vaccine has helped to prevent deaths, but at the same time with anything so new, it should always raise questions.

The cons of the COVID Vaccine is the unexpected reactions you could potentially have because there are a small percentage of people who have some sort of reaction to the vaccine.

Vaccine Card Holder

Are you a vaccine card holder? Do you have your vaccine passport? Do you think it is right that countries banned people from entering into their country without a vaccine?

Vaccine mandates were considered throughout the world in several countries and many people who didn’t get the vaccine feared this reality. This realization was one of the sparks for the song “Vax Scene”.

Vax Scene

Stream “Vax Scene” HERE

Shut your mouth, please

Get the Vax Scene

Be a test dummy

Eat the government cheese

Bow down to Fauci

Bow down to Biden

The government’s our friends

They are never ever lyin’

It will get you high

and give you an erection

My vax scene is my condom

It is my protection

No Vax Scene, baby?

That’s an instant rejection

Get the F**K out of my face

No card



Why you worried about me

if you got the Vax Scene

Thought you got the shot

so that you could get nasty

Shaky numbers, CDC

Play ya like the lottery

I’m not taking prescriptions

from a bat soup recipe

It’s a tease

to the




Wear a mask

Shut your mouth

We’ll cancel your disorder

That’s an order

from the old men holding fate

Sending all your money to the pockets of Bill Gates


Get the Vax Scene

Bù Bù

Get the Vax Scene

Bù Bù

Get the Vax Scene


Don’t be common sleaze

while you’re sitting next to me

I’m a well-behaved dog

and you’re jumping like a flea

More people unvaxxinated

endangers the community

Getting the virus once

doesn’t mean you have immunity

You watch too much TV

about conspiracies

You worship Ron DeSantis

like he’s a deity

Your mind is a chemtrail of stupidity

that is trailing off

into insanity


I’m Cuckoo QAnon

or that’s what you tell your mob

when I say there’s something wrong

with the system

You know there’s something wrong!

How we still don’t get along?

Come down to Miami, Florida

It’s vicious to think

that they do this for fun

There’s money in movements

with lots of victims


where we do what we want

Won’t give in

She could only go out with me…

Won’t stay home

She could only go out with me…




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