D.O.A. Supersedes with Never x Settle

D.O.A. Supersedes with Never x Settle

Who is D.O.A.

James Pinkney III, also known as D.O.A. (Definition Of Artistry), has been passionate about music since childhood.

At the age of 6, he began writing rhymes with a pen and pad, imitating the greats in hip-hop to carve his own lane in the music industry.

Although he has been making music off and on for the last 10 years, he started taking his music career seriously in 2021, and he is looking to make a real change within the music landscape.

James is influenced by artists such as Biggie, PAC, Nas, Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick, and J Cole, and he believes that authenticity is lacking in the music being produced today. He prides himself on being true to himself and his craft.

His music comes from the deepest part of his soul, and he aims to carve his name into the history books and make an imprint with his brand.

His motto is “Legacy Over Money,” which he hopes will be etched in stone before his last breath. James believes that his music is a lifestyle and a mindset built for those looking to become a part of something bigger than themselves.

Never x Settle

D.O.A.’s latest offering is a soulful throwback to the old-school classic hip-hop album. Every track is melodic and hard-hitting. One of the aspects that makes D.O.A. special from other artists is that he vividly describes his rise from the ashes. He has faced the devil and comes out the other side victorious.


Rock drums, funky trumps, smooth bass, and heavy flows start “Never x Settle” on the right path. There are so many witty punchlines that it will take multiple listens just to catch them all. D.O.A. sets the stage for what is a true hip-hop album.


While “Visionary” was a more throwback hip hop track, “Supersede” manages to blend a more modern rap feel with old-school hip hop. Impressive fast flows and catchy hooks help D.O.A. to supersede the competition and you’ve got to hustle until the morning if you want to succeed.

False Prophets

Beautiful and haunting before the funk hits! “False Prophets” is one of the shortest tracks (in length) but once again hits us with so many truths. This track is special because D.O.A. is telling people about what hustling can really do. “Watch for the false prophets” and every other line really hit home on this prophetic track.


“Changes” is one of the more laid-back tracks on this album with a simple synth keyboard line with a minimal drum track. Then, D.O.A. builds up to where he lets you know that he is not a hater. This is definitely music that will move you.

No Excuses

“No Excuses” talks about fakes and how you shouldn’t make excuses if you want to be successful. D.O.A.’s flow is especially fast and impressive. He has overcome struggles and after grinding hard, D.O.A. is finally making his name a household name.

Self Love

“Self Love” starts off with a beautiful female acapella followed by a laid-back drum beat. The piano in this song is relaxing and then D.O.A. comes in hard with his verses. D.O.A. lets us know that he doesn’t put up with women’s games and if someone crosses him, then he is gone. More young people need to learn from this and listen to D.O.A. because he is spitting nothing but facts. “Protect Your Energy” is something that more kids need to understand and follow.

3 AM in KC

Manifesting thoughts into money and creating the right team are all a part of the hustle. Always be ready and listen to D.O.A.’s message which is always one that is positive and precise. The one thing that really stands out is the positive vibes and it really sets D.O.A. a part from his peers.

We need more rappers like D.O.A. and we strongly encourage you to follow him on social media and check out more of his content.

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Email: DOABooking1@gmail.com

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