Dez Pave’s Return

Dez Pave’s Return

Dez Pave’s Return

Kendrick Lamar Diss “Blitz”

Dez Pave is a brave man for taking on one of hip hop’s biggest icons. Luckily, Dez Pave has the bars to take on a legend like Kendrick because not many rappers would take those shots. Dez Pav is a talented young man who doesn’t hold anything back in his rhymes. The beat on “Blitz” is clean and Dez Pav’s vocals are easily discernible through every bar. “Blitz” was just the beginning for Dez Pave. He is about to Pave the way for other rappers…

Aftermath of Blitz

Dez Pave’s spicy diss track on Kendrick Lamar has had fans buzzing. “Blitz” caused a giant blitz and stir. The controversy has helped him garner some momentum and attention. Now, Dez Pave is ready to release his newest full length project entitled, “You’re Very Welcome”. Expect the release later this year and don’t sleep on Dez Pave because he is someone that you don’t want to ignore!

Dez Pave
Dez Pave

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