Elyahreev Immortal Interview

Elyahreev Immortal Interview

Elyahreev Immortal Interview

The Cost of Ambition featuring B. Shantele

Soulful yet powerfully moving, Elyahreev Immortal hits us with the truth which is something we need nowadays in a rap market full of phonies. The beat for “The Cost of Ambition” makes you reminiscent and is dark. The keyboard riff is haunting and it leaves Elyahreev Immortal’s words reverberating in the back of your head. Immortal is truly immortal with a new wave of hip hop that is poetic, haunting, beautiful, and powerful. “Cause I don’t mumble prayers or mumble rhymes” Ah!

Brave Nuero World

Intelligent, brave, and honest, Elyahreev Immortal is exposing the path between the higher nature and lower nature. Through his words, Elyahreev Immortal is able to inspire and detail an existence that is far greater than what we are normally exposed to. “Travel the mind with me” and drink some Hennessy, I’m down. “The brain is plastic, thoughts create paths quick” is a clever way of illustrating how we perceive what is in front of us.

Deep and insightful, Elyahreev Immortal isn’t your typical rapper. If you are a fan of Nas or Immortal Technique or any hip hop legend that inspires you to be greater than Elyahreev Immortal is someone that you should go listen to IMMEDIATELY. That is why we reached out to him for an interview about what is going on in his current career path with hip hop and what he has next for us.

Elyahreev Immortal Interview with Rock the Hip Hop

Elyahreev Immortal Interview
Elyahreev Immortal Interview

Being from Chicago, what influenced your sound?

Growing up in the Chi, I was influenced a lot by artists from all regions of the country such as J Dilla, DJ Premier, Wu Tang, Nas, Ras Kass, Outkast, and more but a lot of the legendary producers and artists from Chicago influenced me as well like No ID, Common, Kanye, Lupe Fiasco and a lot of classic Chicago 70s soul and even classic 80’s Chicago house music.

Your 3rd project ‘Siege Of The Surge 3: Escapist Haze’ is out now, what’s the response been?

The response has been great for SOTS3 and a lot of people later on began to notice different layers in the bars and subject matter and are marveled by them….. and people respect the transparent and vulnerable element of the album, they give me a great amount of respect for taking it there. They think the production is dope too!

It’s been said you produce as well, what and who got you into making beats?

I came up with producers and helped to build a studio from scratch many years ago but I was as a emcee only, over time I was looking for a sound or feel that my producers may not have had at the time or I couldn’t explain it well enough so I decided to go to two producers that I was close to to mentor me, those producers were Deka Derse and SC and they’ve taught me so much! I have so much respect for the producing game!

What’s an Elyahreev Immortal show performance like?

It will definitely be dope hip hop and a treat for those that love lyricism and heart driven content. I go into every show with the outlook that I’m gonna give you all that a have and be laser sharp for anyone in the audience! It doesn’t matter if its a free or paid show! I love to give good energy and receive it back and I feel like I will evolve as a artist after every show.

What would you say was your worst performance.

A show I did in St Louis during the crunk era, I made a last minute change because I thought the crowd didn’t want my boom bap production and they wanted to get crunk, I used some tracks from of my guys down in St Louis and bombed! I learned a lot that day! I learned to always be true to yourself!

Tell us about your newest single & video off the project?

My latest single is “The Cost Of Ambition” featuring B. Shantele and it is a song that details the many sacrifices of artists with a vision in its inception and through out the process. I made that for others but primarily as a reminder to myself. I got another song and video called “Linda” on the way as well.

Moving forth, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will always be a creative and I see myself always writing and producing music. My production level will be far more advanced! I plan to be well skilled in piano play, drums, and guitar to create the ultimate sound. I think I’ll be much more of a international artist as well.

As far as support, does your family support your musical journey?

Both of my parents love and respect what I do and my siblings do as well and I’m so honored. I never wanted to be considered an embarrassment to the family!! They love what I do!

Who do you want to collaborate with in the near future?

I respect Kendrick, Rapsody, Brownsville Ka and Roc Marciano as artists and Alchemist and DJ Premier as producers but honestly I just want to meet and rock with talented artists that are genuine good people and we will take it from there (being “good people” is top priority) Oh, and I forgot Jay and Nas but they are on everyone’s list.

Aside from #SOTS3, any new projects you are working on that you want to share?

I’m producing for a couple local artists out here in NY and also in the Chi and I’m also working on my next album Siege Of The Surge, Stage 4 to be complete by spring 2022.

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