Growing Pains and Flower in Bloom Interview

Growing Pains and Flower in Bloom Interview

Growing Pains and Flower in Bloom Interview

Flower in Bloom
Flower in Bloom

Flower in Bloom is an artist originally from North Carolina who has transcended genres and all mediums. In a world full of talented people, it is hard to break through, but Flower in Bloom’s art is quickly gaining traction. We are very excited for her new track called “Growing Pains” and will be premiering soon.

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Rock the Hip Hop Flower in Bloom Interview

What city are you from?

I am from Clinton, NC. I am currently living in Winston Salem, NC.

How has your city influenced your sound?

Winston is filled with art of all mediums. It’s hard to be in a city with so many talented people and not be inspired all the time. I know painters, photographers, vocalists, musicians, sculptors; the list goes on. The art scene in Winston is amazing and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Shoot, I didn’t really answer the question. Umm, influence my sound? It doesn’t do that. But being around so many creatives do allow me to express myself in a lot of different ways.

Tell us about your best performance.

OMG, there are way too many shows for me to say I have the best. But one of my more memorable shows would probably be Winter in tha Carolina’s. I had just had a baby about 2 and a half months before that. I was feeling super insecure but I really wanted to perform so I could meet Mavi. So it was like a group set and OG Spliff performed a song we have together, “MUD” and I was kinda in the back chillin’, and then when I just popped up on the mic, the crowd went crazy. It was dope as hell. There’s a video of it on my tik tok.

Talk about your latest project.

I’m currently working on a project right now. It’s really groovy. Like it makes me wanna dance, while also talking about some stuff that’s been happening recently. Its called “Growing Pains” and it drops with Estabrook Road Records on 9/30 you can click this link to pre-save it:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I actually despise questions like these because I feel like folks always expect some grandiose answer around working hard and shit like that. In 5 years, I expect to be healthy, happy, and at peace. Everything in between, I’m simply taking it day by day. Putting my best foot forward every day.

Flower in Bloom
Flower in Bloom

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