Interview with Day 0ne

Interview with Day 0ne

Interview with Day 0ne


Smooth and relaxing “Sunset” is the perfect anthem for 2022. Day 0ne makes soothing music that anyone can enjoy. It is the perfect music for having a drink on the beach and watching the sunset.

Making diverse and melodic sounds is nothing new for Day 0ne who was born Michael Salas. Melodic tunes and diverse sounds fuel Michael Salas’s repertoire. He has set the stage to become EDM’s next breakthrough artist. Feeling something real is only part of the Day 0ne experience because from Day 0ne you will become a fan.

We reached out to Day 0ne for an interview and luckily he agreed.

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Day 0ne

Photo Credit: Blackhill Photography
Photo Credit: Blackhill Photography

Where are you from?

New York City

How has your city influenced your sound?

Growing up in NYC the audience is very diverse, people come from different backgrounds so I try to be as diverse as possible in my music.

What instruments do you play?

Piano & Guitar

What’s your best performance?

My best performance is always in my hometown in New York because that’s where most of my audience comes from and it’s always nice playing in your home state.

What is your worst performance?

My worst performance would definitely have to be the first few performances in the early stages of my career because that’s when I was the most nervous and inexperienced.

Tell us about your newest single.

My newest single “Sunset” is a very chill song. I made it for the summer season, it’s just one of those songs you can vibe to with your friends at any moment.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years I will see myself playing at big festivals.

Does your family support your musical journey?

Yes, they absolutely support my journey.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

It would be nice to collaborate with Calvin Harris because he’s such an amazing producer, and I know I will learn a lot from him just being in the same studio with him.

Any new projects you are working on that you want to share?

Yes, I teamed up with a very talented singer from Los Angeles, and we’re releasing our brand new track very soon. I really can’t wait for you guys to hear it.

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