Interview with Mery Diamondz

Interview with Mery Diamondz

Singer-songwriter Mery Diamondz ushered in 2024 with the unveiling of her ninth original single, “Heartbeat”, which was released on January 26th across all major streaming platforms, this track captivated audiences with its soulful resonance.

Inspired by the jubilation surrounding her sister’s pregnancy announcement, “Heartbeat” embodies the profound joy Mery experienced upon learning of her soon-to-arrive nephew. The song’s rhythmic cadence mirrors the tender throb of new life, symbolizing the intimate bond between mother and child as they embark on a transformative journey.

“A heartbeat encapsulates life’s delicate symphony,” shares Mery. “I want my listeners to embrace its essence, whether it’s the steady rhythm of their own existence or the gentle flutter of a growing fetus. It’s a reminder of the beauty that unites us all.”

Co-written with acclaimed producer Andrew Lane, “Heartbeat” was crafted at Nfinity Drew Right Music Studios in Los Angeles and recorded at the iconic East West Studios, hallowed ground for music legends like Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson.

Prior to this release, Mery Diamondz has graced audiences with singles such as “It’s a Girl,” “Rockstar,” “Black and Red,” “Dark Winter,” “Jus Dance,” “Toxic Love,” “You Lied,” and “Don’t Judge Me.” With more original projects in the pipeline, Mery invites fans to join her on this musical odyssey.

“Where there’s a heartbeat, there’s life, and where there’s life, there’s love and beauty.”

Mery Diamondz
Mery Diamondz

Interview with Mery Diamondz

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Armenia and I came to America at the age of three.

How has your city influenced your sound?

Since I came to America at a very young age, all my musical influences occurred here in the states. My mother’s aunt greatly influenced me as she was a prominent musician in her home country of Armenia. I took a liking to her sound and style and used that to propel me forward on my musical journey.

What instruments do you play?

I don’t play any instruments.

What’s your best performance?

I have not performed any of my songs yet but stay tuned. I have performances planned for the near future.

What is your worst performance?

I don’t have any subpar performances and I never will, because I always strive for excellence.

Tell us about your newest single.

My latest single captures the moment I learned my sister had a baby boy, inspiring me to craft a song for him. It’s not just about my nephew, but also about connecting with people experiencing any kind of heartbeat moment, whether it’s the excitement of good news or the flutter of butterflies in their stomachs.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In five years, I envision establishing my own brand and expecting its reach globally, touring extensively, and venturing into the world of film.

Does your family support your musical journey?

My family has consistently supported and believed in me, and for that, I’m truly grateful!

Who do you want to collaborate with?

I’m eager to collaborate with Rihanna because I admire her music style, energy, and strength as a woman.

Any new projects you are working on that you want to share?

I’m currently collaborating with Wendy Starland on a song and actively working on creating more music while gearing up for upcoming shows.

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