Interview with Michael Dion 

Interview with Michael Dion 

Interview with Michael Dion

Who is Michael Dion?

No Michael Dion is not Celine Dion’s relative, but he is just as talented as Celine Dion. “It was all a dream” Michael Dion channels the same beat as Biggie did in Juicy for his latest hit called “No One in the World”. Michael Dion has a magnificent vocal range and can really hit those high notes. Autotune? I don’t think so. None needed. Even more impressive is the Cardi B feature in his latest track. “No One in the World” is a hit. Here is our interview with Michael Dion.

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Michael Dion

What city are you from?

Winter Garden, Fl

How has your city influenced your sound?

I come from a very small town in Florida called Winter Garden in the Deep South. I remember always being surrounded by good ol’ classic timeless music. Music that had substance and real feelings with emotion. I’m very happy to say that it plays an enormous role in who I am today as an artist across the board.

Tell us about your best performance?

I’d say my best performance was my last performance in Los Angeles at Universal City Walk … I was so comfortable in my skin, the way I dressed and the songs I chose for that particular set were all-around amazing to me. The crowd was fantastic! That made me feel very fulfilled, to say the least.

Talk about your latest project

Well, I just recently released the lead single “No One In The World” feat. Cardi B. from my forthcoming debut album “Spellbound” which is currently doing pretty well and I look forward to having the visuals done and released soon.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself more successful, married, another kid, on my 4th commercial album, I would also hope to crossover to more movies and tv all whilst managing and developing my own talent.

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