Juice WRLD feat. Halsey – Life’s a Mess (Single Review)

Juice WRLD feat. Halsey – Life’s a Mess (Single Review)

Juice WRLD feat. Halsey – Life’s a Mess (Single Review)

“Sometime’s life is a mess and I get high when I’m upset.” Who can’t related to these lyrics sang by Juice WRLD. Life is a mess especially with what’s going on with the coronavirus, politics, BLM, and everything else going on. At least we have a beautiful Halsey and Juice WRLD track to ease some of our collective pain.

Life’s a Mess

Juice WRLD and Halsey come together for a very uplifting 3 and a half minutes to express their pain in the most profound way. Juice WRLD always had such an elaborate way of expressing his emotions that it is hard to not resonate with what he is singing. Love is complex and addiction is multifaceted. Addiction took Juice WRLD from us too early. Why was such a talented young man in so much pain that he needed to do these drugs?


These posthumous songs by Juice WRLD give us a glimpse into his reality and his last days on Earth. Hopefully, he is in a better place but he left many of us very sad because we miss his art. Good art speaks to people. Even bad art speaks to people, but good heart touches people’s hearts in a positive and uplifting way. Juice WRLD had the ability to reach millions and he really shared his soul with us in all of his songs.

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