Justen Kilgore and Dripfornia Jak are Serious and Up

Justen Kilgore and Dripfornia Jak are Serious and Up

Justen Kilgore and Dripfornia Jak

Justen Kilgore, the proprietor of the renowned music group “Top Shottas,” and Dripfornia Jak, the owner of “Dripfornia,” have joined forces to release their album, “Jak & Kill.”

The album’s creative concept was inspired by “Jak & Jill,” and their artwork depicts a journey from the trap to a luxurious mansion in the hills.

This 8-track album is reviving the authentic West Coast vibe.

Justen Kilgore and Dripfornia Jak are Serious and Up

Jak & Kill has a lot of deep and sentimental cuts that hit close to home and will resonate with many hip hop fans.

If you want something different, then this is the album to check out.

Justen Kilgore and Dripfornia Jak have blessed us with a collaboration that we didn’t know we needed but that we deserve.

The way that Justen and Dripfornia play off each other’s style works perfectly on top of these drill and trap beats.

Some of my favorite cuts are “Serious” and “Up” because they mix eerie and dark melodies on top of trap beats.

Lost in the Wind

Another deep and sentimental track is “Lost in the Wind”.

“Lost in the Wind” is an instant hit and after hearing the chorus you will be singing it for days.

The bass kicks in after a few rhymes and both Dripfornia and Justen give us a song that tells us a story of opps, remorse, and bad decisions.

Both Dripfornia Jak and Justen Kilgore have been around the block and are the real deal.

Their music resonates because they have a message.

We need more collaborations from both Dripfornia and Justen.

Music Video fro Lost in the Wind

On February 10th the music video for “Lost in the Wind” will be released.

You can either watch it above if it is past February 10th, but if you are reading this post as it premieres then please click the bell to be notified for the premiere.

Jak & Kill
Jak & Kill

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