Kanye West Donda ALBUM REVIEW

Kanye West Donda ALBUM REVIEW

Kanye West Donda ALBUM REVIEW


Donda, Donda, Donda, Donda (pause) Donda, Donda, once again hot female voice…. Donda! Donddddda! Donda! Donda! Okay, do you get it yet?


Marilyn Manson, Kanye West, Jay Z? Electronic dark riffs and a sweet riff that resonates throughout the background. Guess who’s going to jail tonight? Hopefully, not Marilyn Manson because he is dealing with all of those accusations.

God Breathed

The prodigy meets heavy bass rap. Kanye knows that God breathed on this. Maybe, he is right since he can stay so successful for so long. Who are you with? He knows nothing because it is all in God’s hands. Que the sang vocals and ominous tones. Kanye goes off on this beat and there are some intense moments in this track. “Don’t fall for what they are offering” unless Kanye offers it to you.

Off the Grid

We all know that Kanye enjoys leaving Los Angeles and going off the grid. Kanye lives in Wyoming for a good part of the year to get away from all the madness of celebrity mayhem. The drumming in this has a nice high hat pattern with some hard-hitting bass lines. Playboi Carti goes off on this track. This song is quite beautiful and shows off some of the writer’s talent with interesting hip-hop sounds.


The Weeknd makes his presence known right off the bat before the high hats go off and on. Don’t let him down but I feel a little let down on this track. I’m not liking the flow of this one as much as the previous offerings.

Kanye West Donda ALBUM REVIEW
Kanye West Donda ALBUM REVIEW

Praise God

“Praise God” has a Migos flow with a very dark beat and penetrating high hats. Bass has a nice fluffly bounce and some decent features.


Is a chill track that makes you feel like you are on a hospital stretcher being carried into the emergency room.

Ok Ok

Ok Ok, but it’s not okay. This song is just okay.


Reeee Reee, tell them this. Did he miss? Don’t be on his mmmm….. We like that Kanye is censoring himself on a lot of the tracks because he is a born-again Christian who no longer uses excessive profanity. It’s okay to course a little Kanye. Ok, Okay.

Believe What I Say

I don’t know Kanye it can be kind of hard to believe what you say but this song is amazing. The bass is funky and the guest vocals sound like old-school Faith Hill. This is probably one of the best tracks on the album.


Nothing else ever feels right, but this bass line.

Remote Control

He was in his hovercraft and had another laugh. The drum pattern is quite rocking and the eerie background compliments Kanye’s voice. Throughout the song, he sings with some auto-tune help but it’s more tasteful than some of his other attempts at singing.


Beautiful guitars and Elon Musk going to the moon. Or Jeff Bezos? Well someone is going to the moon.

Heaven and Hell

This song is laid back and dark. Devil lay down. Hold up, no peace. Hold up! Another banging offering from Kanye West. This song is a highlight.


Piano and too much auto-tune but the vocals of his mother are powerful.

Keep My Spirit Alive

All the songs on this album all hover around the same BPM and feeling. Many of the songs are written in a minor key and I love the theme of this album.

Jesus Lord

Meh. Another religious offering. It’s too long of a song and is okay.

New Again

Some serious 80s synth vibes are going on in this track where Kanye is made new again because last night doesn’t count.

Tell the vision

Nice piano riff but a track that’s worth skipping.

Lord I Need You

Kanye wants the Lord’s arms around him and wants to keep giving himself to the Lord. More power to you Kanye… wait is he talking about Jesus or Kim Kardashian? This is a pretty decent track that shows Kanye’s sensitive side.

Pure Souls

Grammys and money and bass but it’s kind of a filler track.

Come to Life

Another religious offering that is full of singing and long held out keyboard notes.

No Child Left Behind

George Bush signed the No Child Left Behind law and Kanye West once shocked the world by saying George Bush doesn’t care about black people. This is a very dramatic track.

Jail pt 2.

Welcome back Marilyn Manson and heavy riffs! Take what you want. The album is getting closer to the end and there are some sequel tracks at the end which reminds me of Pink Floyd with “Another Brick in the Wall”.

Ok Ok pt 2

This song has a heavy pounding bass mixed in with some distorted keyboard riffs.

Junya pt 2

Welcome back Junya!

Jesus Lord pt 2

“Jesus Lord pt 2” is a controversial song with some heavy verses that call out the Clintons for the Haiti situation. This song is a great way to end the album.

Kanye West “Donda” Album Review

Overall this album is a 6.5/10. There are some low points but there are so many tracks that there are plenty of high points. The vibes in this Kanye album are much different and we like the direction that Kanye is taking.

What do you think of Donda?








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