Kenyada Nikile Drops Second Thoughts and Interview

Kenyada Nikile Drops Second Thoughts and Interview

Kenyada Nikile, an artist born in Buffalo, has a promising future ahead of her. During her appearance on AM Buffalo this morning, she performed her original song titled “Life is what you make it.”

The inspiration behind the song stems from the heartbreaking event of losing her brother. Kenyada transformed his words of wisdom and encouragement into inspiring lyrics that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Rock the Hip Hop Interview with Kenyada Nikile

What city are you from?

I’m from Buffalo NY

How has your city influenced your sound?

My city has influenced my music and sound in a lot of ways I’m from what some would say is the hood! I go to church so I have the ghetto/ gospel sound! The pain in my music is from coming from where! Seeing and going through things at an early age!

Tell us about your best performance.

My best performance was last year when I had my ep release! Live band background sangers cause they were singing! Lol! Intimate crowd and just me raw uncut!

Talk about your latest project

My latest project is super dope and is me in my feelings! Speaking on how I feel! I’m very vulnerable and transparent with my music! I am dropping 2 new singles. The first is “Second Thoughts” which drops on 5/5 and the second is “Life is What You Make It” which drops on 6/16.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself performing and recording all over the world!


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