Latenite Vegas Interview

Latenite Vegas Interview

Latenite Vegas Interview



Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA is the undisputed champion of modern hip hop called Latenite Vegas. “ZEROS” is a fast and furious rap track that is a party jam. Futuristic sounds permeate throughout “ZEROS” while the beat is varied and hits in all the right places.

Latenite Vegas has a very interesting and unique flow. The syncopation and rhythm is truly fascinating and well placed. The lines are clean and the lyrics are digestible. The music is flawless and the production sparkles. “ZEROS” is a hard hitting yet fun musical track.

The talent that Latenite Vegas displays is apparent to anyone who appreciates good music. It’s important to note that Latenite Vegas has an ear for music. He can play the piano by ear which is a skill that many can’t do successfully. Everything about Latenite Vegas is true hip hop. We really stand behind Latenite Vegas and we are so proud that we were able to interview this young talent.

Latenite Vegas Interview with Rock the Hip Hop

Where are you from?

I am from Pittsburgh Pa AKA The Steel City, AKA Gotham City lol

How has your city influenced your sound?

Pittsburgh has so many unique pockets when it comes to music, honestly there’s no particular sound we have because there are quite a few underground scenes like Hip Hop, Rock, and House, so; for me the grit and hustle of our city pushes me to create a wave.

What instruments do you play?

This PEN!!!! lol but for real I’m a songwriter first and a producer second,
I know how to play the keys by ear to get the track where it needs to be melodically but I’m not professionally trained.

What’s your best performance?

Sheesh….I had so many dope shows but my favorite show was the first time I heard the crowd singing my lyrics and that feeling was crazy for sure.

What is your worst performance?

I remember doing one of those pay to play joints a couple of years back and it was a dope crowd of like 60 rappers lol and when I tell you I came prepared, I mean I was passing out CD’s, cards, had a dope show mix all that and when I hit the stage and did my thing the crowd was quiet…. crickets\it was the weirdest because I didn’t know if they all were focused on their performances or if they was just hatin’ but the vibe was definitely NOT IT!

Tell us about your newest single.

So, my newest single “Zeros” is the go getter club anthem it’s now 2022 so it’s all about making that move, getting that bag, and keeping it moving we all got goals, and we all got blockers too, especially when you’re in the process of getting that wave right so I know people can catch that vibe and relate to it. It drops on April 8th you can pre-save it before it drops:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself Alive! and still moving, still growing, still learning, still glowing because
that light is what keeps us moving and I don’t see that dimming for a long time.

Does your family support your musical journey?

YES! I come from a family of singers and musicians so it’s been in the family
for a long time and either you take the torch and run with it or just do it fun,
but we take the business seriously.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

It’s been a dope wave of female rappers and honestly I would love to collab
with a female rapper like MEGAN, Cardi, and of course the OG’S Kim, Trina, Nicki where they at? because I need a bop with one of them lol

Any new projects you are working on that you want to share?

I got some bangers in the stash for sure but I want y’all to check out my new single “ZEROS” and follow the vibe and jump in on my journey with me, it’s gonna be a fun ride for sure.




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