Lord Have Mercy on Losk33

Lord Have Mercy on Losk33

Lord Have Mercy on Losk33

Artist Name: Losk33
Single: Lord Have Mercy

When you think of Virginia, you think of snow, not rap. Well, Losk33 is changing that by producing some of the freshest rap music of 2020. Losk33 teamed up with Foogiano to execute a modern day hip hop saga called “Lord Have Mercy”. “Lord Have Mercy” really tells it like it is and makes references to social distancing and smoking blunts. “Lord Have Mercy” gets me FIRED UP….literally. Losk33 is a real musician and played in different bands growing up. His musical background sets him apart from a lot of rappers because you can really hear the passion and detail in his music. The music video for “Lord Have Mercy” is chilling and it is something that you will want to keep watching over and over again.

“Lord Have Mercy” is available now on Spotify, YouTube, and all other major platforms. Follow Losk33 on Instagram to stay updated on hot tracks and more.

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