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Somebody tell Kodak Black that he misspelled Mafioso. Well, I’m sure Kodak Black doesn’t care about spelling or grammar because most of his lyrics are gibberish anyways. Let’s welcome a new, unintelligible, incomprehensible Kodak Black song. When I think of a Mafioso, I think of someone Italian like Tony Soprano. I guess Kodak Black is breaking that stereotype with his definition of a “maffioso”.

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Kodak Black is incredibly popular. Why? It’s baffling. His music is sub par and mediocre. The only explanation for Kodak Black’s popularity is that people like bad music. Congratulations Kodak Black on another hit that people seem to like. Honestly, good for him. Rock The Hip Hop holds no animosity towards Kodak Black, but we just don’t really care for his music.

Lyrics to Maffioso

[Intro] It was understood that all points was final
That ZMF 26136, we mafioso
Lil’ vulture
Lil’ vulture
(d.a. got that dope)

[Verse] Thought you were mine for life
Saying you gone ride for life
We grew up stealing bikes
I was on the back of your mongoose
I put pegs on the mongoose
Got tears on her volcano they don’t care bout my struggles
I was calling my dog and them
They was unresponsive
I keep nut in her tonsil so she don’t do too much talking
I heard them say what they gone do
Went to stepping like kung-fu
Sent my hitter on so much missions he said ‘Yak I’m exhausted’
For them nights I was a moron
They was unresponsive
I was coming home from prison
[?] like your daddy
Thought I was a vulture they said ‘nah you a mongoose’
I could get bit by any snake and I wake up getting money
Six ounces of molly, don’t go in my cabin
I was calling their voice mail
But it was speaking in Spanish
You straight like yo’ daddy
You get anything you asking
I was giving my love to f*** n*****
Have me losing my balance
Sometimes it’s okay we fall short, it happens
Somewhere along the way we traded friendship for fashion
You was blinded by Tom Ford
What you wanted my heart for
You just wanted to crack it
Next time I’m around I’m protecting my assets
I extended her bald head
Now she look like Rapunzel
I just wanted to love you
I’m a piece of your puzzle
I was sliding with the Draco but I don’t play with no choppers
Thought you was mine for life

[Outro] Thought you was mine for like, mafioso
Thought you was gone be my wife, my fiance
I won’t forget what my mom say
Tryna be more serene I bought a beach house in Palm Bay

Popular like Kodak Black

Do you want to get popular like Kodak Black? As you can tell, Kodak Black isn’t the most talented rapper. He sets the bar pretty low which means that anybody could be a famous rapper. You could be a famous rapper too.

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  1. Maybe he meant to spell it wrong, like my fiance – ma ffioso…or maybe male would be mafioso, female is mafiosa, and a dike is maffioso? Cuz he likes Young MA. I agree he has alot of bad songs. But everyone does. He just puts out everything instead of holding back his songs.

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