Mainey Interview

Mainey Interview

Mainey Interview

To The Streets

Synthy keyboards permeate the intro before 10 Toez Tank and Mainey destroy the beat. The trap beat is concise and quick at some points, then it slows down for the breakdown. “From the streets to the pen to the pen to the streets” is a line that is consistent throughout “To The Streets”. Being in jail is no vacation and Mainey makes that clear.

Crime was only a means to an end and he reminds everyone about his hard work and hustle to get to where he is at now. Mainey is really taking it to the streets and we are all about his newest track “To The Streets” we reached out to Mainey for an interview and luckily, he agreed.

Rock the Hip Hop Mainey Interview

What city are you from?

I’m from Oklahoma City.

How has your city influenced your sound?

My city influenced my sound by giving me a lingo and sound that only comes from here.

Tell us about your best performance?

My best performance actually took place in prison during a prison sentence for drug trafficking and possession of firearms. I was blessed to be able to perform live for the lord once a month but one particular performance packed the chapel and was like no other.

Talk about your latest project.

My latest project is Street, vol.2; Urban Terrorist. I have 8 tracks on there with only 1 appearance by my brother Von Da Don. I also have a few singles I just released such as Project Symptoms with Von Da Don, To The Streets with 10 Toez Tank, and I also have a solo single titled Armageddon.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself fully independent with all businesses up and fully running.


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