Marilyn Manson – We are Chaos (Album Review)

Marilyn Manson – We are Chaos (Album Review)

Marilyn Manson – We are Chaos (Album Review)


Get behind me, get behind me… I’ve been behind Marilyn Manson for years. His rise to fame was an organic process of hard work, shock value, and being produced by Trent Reznor. None of that would be possible without amazing music. Marilyn Manson would not be around today if his music wasn’t great.

The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People was one of Marilyn Manson’s first hits. If you really listen to Manson’s lyrics, he is always trying to make a point. He wasn’t writing shocking music. He wrote music that made you think and that was evidently clear on the beautiful people. It is also very clear on tracks like “KEEP MY HEAD TOGETHER”, “BROKEN NEEDLE”, AND “PERFUME”. WE ARE CHAOS is one of Manson’s most introspective albums.


“Do we get what we deserve or do we deserve what we get?” That question really stuck with me. Manson stands firm with who he is. He is not changing for anyone. He’s not going to change his style to try to be cool or fit with the times. Marilyn Manson doesn’t need to adapt. Even at 51, he is a trendsetter. People still copy Manson to this day. Why should he change when he is so iconic? Many icons try to adapt to the times by selling out and it just falls flat. They end up tarnishing their name. Luckily, Marilyn Manson will always be Marilyn Manson.


This song is The Beatles mixed with Bowie mixed with Radiohead mixed with Marilyn Manson. Paint you with my love is one of the most interesting songs Manson has ever done. It is completely different from everything he has ever done before. This song has a more upbeat vibe than what we normally hear from Manson. We are Chaos has a lighter tone than other Manson albums. This album still has Marilyn Manson written all over it, but it also has a lot of heart and reflection.

True Genius

There are trends in music that come and go, but Marilyn Manson stands the test of time. His ability to evolve and still be interesting is rare. To remain relevant is very difficult. Marilyn Manson is a legend. It’s like he said: “Cocaine and Abel, I don’t baptize whores. I’m a legend I’m not a fable.”


We are Chaos is anything but chaos. This album is a masterpiece. I love Marilyn Manson and I can’t wait to hear what he comes out with next.




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