Migos Takeoff Rapper Shot Dead in Houston

Migos Takeoff Rapper Shot Dead in Houston

Migos Takeoff Rapper Shot Dead in Houston


Around 2:40 A.M., shots were fired at 810 Billiards & Bowling where the rapper known as ‘Takeoff’ from the rap group ‘Migos’ was shot dead.

An investigation is underway. Many people including security guards heard the shots but did not see who did it. Two additional victims were shot and taken to a nearby hospital. Currently, the condition of the two other victims is unknown.

RIP Takeoff

Helping to define the current Atlanta sound, Offset was an influential musical icon who rose to prominence in the rap group ‘Migos’. Chart-topping songs and a powerful dynamic vocal technician, Migos will be missed dearly.

Chief Troy Finner of the Houston Police Department confirmed the rapper’s death at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Quavo was with Takeoff at the time of the shooting, but as of this moment, is currently okay and unharmed.

Takeoff wanted to take Southern Hip-Hop to the next level and tracks like “Versace” and “Bad and Boujee” helped to solidify the power of Migos in the modern Hip-Hop movement.

Video of Takeoff Shooting

Footage of Takeoff being murdered has been published on TMZ and fans aren’t happy.

Many fans have found it disrespectful that TMZ has posted footage of the death of Takeoff.

To be fair, TMZ blurred the video and images, but still, the footage is extremely graphic.

Who Killed Takeoff

The police are currently investigating who murdered Takeoff and they aren’t sure of the cause yet.

Apparently, Takeoff and Quavo were playing dice when an altercation occurred. Then, someone opened fire, and Takeoff was shot in the head.

Sadly, Takeoff was pronounced dead at the scene.

Takeoff Migos Legacy

As mentioned previously, Migos is a powerful dynamic Hip-Hop duo that permeated the airwaves with their songs “Bad and Boujee”.

Stars React to Takeoff Shooting

Celebrities are shaken and are taking to Twitter and other social media outlets to pay tribute to the late and great Takeoff.

Takeoff collaborated with Gucci on ‘Us vs Them’ and mentioned on his Instagram that his heart is broken.

Actress Keke Palmer posted on Instagram, “This is horrible. From the tragedy of the death to the tragedy of there being a video of it online. It’s all just tragic and I am so sorry for his whole family and all he touched. Really terrible.”

Kid Cudi, who collaborated with Migos on the song “Danger,” tweeted a simple “RIP Takeoff”.

Kelly Rowland posted an Instagram Story in which she proclaimed, “There are NO WORDS” over a news snippet about Takeoff’s death.





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