OG Omyth is No Myth

OG Omyth is No Myth

OG Omyth is No Myth


Why was the 90s such a great time for hip hop? In my opinion, artists had soul and they kept it real. Also, there is a real appreciation for groove and music from 90’s artists. Manifestor manifests everything I love about hip hop.

Why is this song so good?

Funky bass lines.

Drums that are unique and not just a generic trap beat.

Background vocals that are clean.


The features on this song are absolutely incredible. “Manifest something beautiful” and this track “Manifestor” does just that.

Who is OG OMyth?

OG Omyth learned the hard way that crime pays and he spent over 9 years in prison reflecting on his mistakes. Throughout that pain and struggle came rebirth and character. Young cats need to listen up and take notes from OG Omyth. He earns the name OG and has lived the life. He will be the first to tell you that poor choices and street life aren’t worth it in the end.

After his release, OG Omyth reunited with Skunk SK Oner and made music. Throughout his musical journey, he released rhymes that he made in prison under the group, Prisoners of Conflict. OG Omyth kept his promise when he told his fellow inmates that he would name the project “Wreck Yard Rhymes Vol. 1.”

The Struggles of OG OMyth

Sadly, one of the group members Lamar “Nature Boy DNL” committed suicide and it led to some dark tracks. Throughout these events, OG Omyth contemplated his fate as an artist, but luckily, he decided to continue his musical journey.

Fast forward to 2012 where he formed a group with G-Mak aka Mak Laimbeer and this group became known as “OG Audio”. Tragedy struck after the success of their album “Beats and Bars: Premium Quality Vol. 1” when OMyth’s son was murdered in a dispute involving his son’s mother and her new husband. Omyth contemplated quitting but didn’t give up. He used this tragedy to fuel him and created “MSB- Manifest Something Beautiful L.L.C.”.

Certificate of Perseverance

Certificate of Perseverance is a style and mood change from OG Omyth’s last projects. This album is a message to everyone who needs to come to terms with their humanity. OG Omyth is here to teach and entertain. His music is amazing and poetic. Also, never give up on your dreams. Look at all that OG Omyth has gone through and where he is now. If you don’t quit, then you can make your dreams come true. That message is embodied in tracks like Manifestor. There are so many noteworthy tracks on this album like “God Is’nt Finished” where the message to manifest something beautiful is reinforced. One of the best lines in the track is “I had blood on my shoes before Nas X” and that is why this project is a hit. The lines are heavy and the beats are melodic.

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