Pop Smoke – Got It On Me (Single Review)

Pop Smoke – Got It On Me (Single Review)

Pop Smoke – Got It On Me (Single Review)

R.I.P Pop Smoke. Dope! Seriously talented rapper who flows poetically over a sparse beat that hits just at the right parts.

Many Many Men Wish Death Upon Me

Although I do enjoy 50 Cent’s rendition of “Many Men (Wish Death)” a lot more than I enjoy Pop Smoke’s re-envisioned version, Pop Smoke’s song gives me chills. It’s always sad to hear music from recently deceased musicians who had a bright future in front of them.

Have Mercy On Me

I wish they had mercy on Pop Smoke because he didn’t deserve to die. No one deserves to be shot to death in their own home. Pop Smoke had so much to offer this world and this song is proof. I love how he knows how to speed it up and then slow it down just at the right time.


Pop Smoke references the late and great Kobe Bryant: “It’s Pop Smoke, N****s know me/Keep two fours like I’m Kobe.” Unfortunately, Kobe and Pop Smoke met their demise way too early. It’s really a shame when the black community loses two great influences such as Pop Smoke and Kobe. They were both doing so much to help their communities and empower the youth. We need more role models like Kobe and Pop Smoke

Got It On Me

This song is dope. R.I.P Pop Smoke

Rating: 5.5 out of 10


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